Gabe Sachs
Gabe Sachs
has been a writer/producer for a number of primetime television shows including Freaks & Geeks, Just Shoot Me, Undeclared, Life As We Know It, 90210 and What About Brian.

Life and CareerEdit

After Gabe graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts, he made pilots with whatever camera and whatever money he could scrounge. His first attempt was a sketch comedy show which he made on location with friends, an old video camera and about a hundred dollars worth of fast food. This first attempt caught the eye of Jim Abrahams of Airplane/Kentucky Fried Movie/Police Squad fame who told him that if he was able to produce an entire show with only hundred dollars and an old camera, then he should go to the next level and try and borrow better equipment.

Gabe went to New York, got some friends together, and borrowed better equipment. The result was Street Match, a pilot entirely made on spec, which ABC picked up as a summer series. Soon after, Gabe shot his next show Pranks where he met his current writing/producing partner Jeff Judah. They wrote the pilot Damian Cromwell's Postcards From America under a deal at HBO and soon after Sachs Judah Productions was formed.

Gabe and Jeff have been writing/producing and show running for the past 10 years. They had a deal at Touchstone for many years until the writer's strike. They went on to create the new 90210 and Executive Produced the first season. They are now doing more movies and have finished Diary of a Wimpy Kid for FOX, which was released March 19, and also working on more features that will be announced later.

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