Josh Mostel
Joshua "Josh" Mostel
(born December 21, 1946) is an American actor who is best known for his roles in Jesus Crist Superstar and two Adam Sandler films, Billy Madison as Big Daddy.

Life and CareerEdit

Mostel was born in New York City, New York, the son of Kathryn Celia, an actress, dancer, and writer, and comic actor Zero Mostel. His brother Tobias is a painter, ceramic artist and professor of art, teaching in Florida.

Mostel started his career as a boy soprano at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He graduated from Brandeis University. When a student at Brandeis, he once pushed a couch into a pond and set it afire, taking bets as to whether the couch would burn or drown first. His broadway debut was in 1971 with Unlikely Heroes. In 1979, Mostel briefly starred in the television version of the film Animal House, Delta House, as "Blotto" Blutarsky, the brother of the character Bluto (played by John Belushi in the original film). He has since appeared in many films and Broadway productions.

Mostel now lives in New York, with a summer home on Monhegan, Maine.


Year Title Role
1971 Going Home Mr. Bonelli
1972 The King of Marvin Gardens Frank
1973 Jesus Christ Superstar Herod Antipas
1974 Harry and Tonto Norman Coombes
1976 The Money Wheel of Fortune Operator
Deadly Hero Victor
1981 Dead Ringer Russell
1982 Fighting Back Duster
1982 Sophie's Choice Morris Fink
1983 Star 80 Private Detective
1984 The Brother from Another Planet Casio Vendor
Windy City Sol
1985 Almost You David
Compromising Positions Dicky Dunck
Stoogemania Howard F. Howard
1986 The Money Pit Jack Schnittman
1987 Radio Days Abe
Matewan Mayor Cabell Testerman
Wall Street Ollie
1989 Animal Behaviour Mel Gorsky
1991 City Slickers Barry Shalowitz
Naked Tango Bertoni the Jeweller
Little Man Tate Physics Professor
City of Hope Mad Anthony
1992 Nervous Tricks Saul Warshow
1993 Searching for Bobby Fischer Chess Club Regular
1994 The Chase Officer Figus
Auf Wiedersehen Amerika Abe
City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold Barry Shalowitz
1995 The Maddening Chicky Ross
Billy Madison Principal Max Anderson
The Basketball Diaries Counterman
Let It Be Me Jordan
1998 Great Expectations Jerry Ragno
Rounders Zagosh
1999 The Out-of-Towners Dr. Faber
Big Daddy Arthur Brooks
2001 Knockaround Guys Mac McCreadle
2008 State of Play Pete

Broadway ProductionsEdit

Title Dates of Productions
Unlikely Heroes October 26, 1971- November 13, 1971
An American Millionaire April 20, 1974- May 5, 1974
A Texas Trilogy: Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander September 21, 1976- October 30, 1976
A Texas Trilogy: The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia September 22, 1976- October 31, 1976
Threepenny Opera November 5, 1989- December 31, 1989
My Favourite Year December 10, 1992- January 10, 1993
The Flowering Peach March 20, 1994- April 24, 1994
Getting Away with Murder March 17, 1996- March 31, 1996
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